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FM01 - Out of the choir

Project FM01 is dedicated to all those drivers who want to have a real driving experience with a car that is thought, designed and engineered to deliver nothing else than fun.


In our 10+years experience as consultants in the high-performance automotive field, we have gained a clear perspective of what the sports car lover wants. We call it #recipeforhappiness

  • A powerful internal combustion engine (in the range of 300+ HP) located behind the driver
  • A manual gearbox
  • A limited slip differential with rear wheels traction
  • Very minimal interference by electronics
  • An aeronautical-grade overall weight (900 kg)
  • Double wishbone independent suspensions on both front and rear axles
  • A classic modern Italian style to fall in love with at the first glance

Are we asking foo much for one only car? 


Nine images work better than a thousand words. Please scroll below to get a full immersion in our world!

Project phases

As of April, 2023, FM01 is in the concept development phase. All technical aspects are being worked by Euronautics engineering (, and very soon the first polls to understand the available market for FM01 will start.

We can't wait to understand which your opinion is on this project! Please, get in touch with us via one of the following social channels to ask for details, tell us if you like our design, or if you would ever consider to have such a kind of car.

Every single opinion is important to us!

BTW, if you want to back our Project, you're welcome to contact us as well!